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Taking on new clients (Feb 2024)

I am currently taking on new clients for slots from 4pm onwards



My name is Rachel, and I am a fully qualified Person-centred therapeutic counsellor. I offer online, phone counselling sessions and walk and talk counselling in the swindon area.

I believe therapy can make a huge difference in your life and I’m passionate about providing a non-judgemental and confidential space to support you on your journey of emotional and mental wellbeing.

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their Ethical Framework for Counselling Professions. I also have an advance DBS check.

Blooming Garden

Learn More About Me

My Background

My background is in education, supporting students in Primary school with Autism, ADHD and challenging behaviour. I also have Worked with Aiming high, supporting children and young people from 8year olds up to their 18th birthday.

I have experience working with a wide diversity of clients young to elderly, each client is unique with their own stories. We have worked together on things such as stress, anxiety, loss, emotional dysregulation, trauma, depression, anger, self-harm, low-self-esteem, relationship difficulties, survivors of domestic and sexual abuse both historic and acute. I have worked with recent diagnosis and ill health, including those caring for children/partners who are neurodivergent.

I have also previously volunteered as a counsellor at Ipsum working with clients from 16-year-olds upwards.

I have volunteered as a primary school counsellor, working with 11-year-old (year 6 children).

In a previous role I worked as an crisis advocate at Swindon and Wiltshire sexual assault referral center and the Swindon and Wiltshire ISVA service, where I supported clients with past or recent domestic and sexual assault. Within this role I have received the VAWG (violence against woman and girls) unsung hero 2022 award.

My current role's I have is school counsellor at a secondary school and a Child and Young persons sexual violence counsellor in Wiltshire.

No matter what you would like to bring to our sessions, I am open to exploring with you in a non-judgmental, caring way, to help you find the answers you need.


I work to a person-centred approach.

I feel the relationship between client and counsellor is fundamental in helping to provide the supportive environment where you can have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of yourself and the challenges you are facing. I can walk alongside you and provide you with a confidential, accepting, and non-judgmental space to help you discover your own innate strength to face the issues that have been troubling you.

I am also a CATT Partitioner.

CATT is Children's Acclerated Trauma Technique for PTSD and complex Trauma.

CATT is highly effective as its one of the few trauma focused therapies developed just for children and adolescents from the ground up. 

CATT uses creative arts method of emotional expression and communication that makes it straight forward for children to process their trauma memories in a safe and effect way. This technique can also be used for adults

Issues I can support with

I can help you with some of the following:


Child related issues



Relationship issues




Health diagnoses 

Women's issues

Work related issues



Trauma from Domestic and Sexual abuse

Pre trail Therapy

Please don't worry if you don't see what you would like to work with in therapy with me. Still get in contact, I may still be able to help you and if I can't help with your issue, I can signpost you to someone who can.

Walk and talk Therapy

Please note that outdoor and walk and talk sessions may not be suited for all clients.  Outdoor therapy sessions take place in rural settings around the Swindon area and enable me to continue to provide clients within person centred therapy sessions safely. We will literally and figuratively walk through your issues side by side using exercise and nature as a therapeutic backdrop.

Friends Walking Home

Walk And Talk Counselling combines the benefits of both counselling and walking. The idea is simple: instead of sitting opposite each other indoors, we head outside and walk side by side!

In these sessions we will walk at a pace that suits us both and talk in a more relaxed setting. We do not have to walk the whole 50 minutes.

Walking outside might itself confront issues that you would like to address such as a fear of open spaces or a fear of feeling judged for your appearance. 

Those of you sitting in an office or in front of your screens all day may welcome a change in scenery, so walk and talk therapy might be an option you would like to consider.


Evidence suggests there are real benefits to be gained by being able to combine the positive aspects of being outdoors with the benefits of talking therapy. We know that being outside can improve mood, help us to sleep better and decrease stress and anxiety for example. It can be both soothing and exhilarating. It provides the opportunity to increase exposure to natural light and fresh air that our bodies and brains instinctively respond to.

Phone Counselling

Telephone counselling is where you speak with your counsellor and receive your session over the telephone rather than face-to-face in the therapy room. As with face-to-face counselling, I will offer you space to talk through how you’ve been feeling and support you to identify and make changes should you wish to do so.

Man on the Phone

There are a number of potential benefits of telephone counselling. First of all, telephone counselling can offer you a greater sense of confidentiality and anonymity. This can be reassuring particularly if you feel nervous, embarrassed or fearful about talking through your problems, helping you to feel a greater degree of control. Clients can also feel a greater sense of safety receiving counselling in their own home.

For clients with a hectic or full schedule, telephone counselling can be a more convenient means of accessing emotional support. 

Video Counselling

Video counselling works in much the same way as face-to-face counselling does. It is helpful to ensure you have a private, quiet setting where you feel safe and comfortable for the duration of the session. You may want to use headphones with a microphone for the conversation. 

Video Call

Finally, if you live remotely or experience health conditions which pose a barrier to seeing a counsellor in person, this means you can still receive support.

 Clients Testimonials

" Rachel didnt judge me and listened to me accting me for me. it was scary at times hearing my thoughts and feelings out loud but it was made easier having rachel there with me standing next to me, side by side. I have worked with lots of counsellors over the years but this was the first time having a walk and talk session and the first time I felt seen by my counsellor. I found Ground 2 Grow Therapy hugely benifical and have even recommend friends to try walk and talk session. I will be forever greatfull for the support."
Panoramic View
“Thank you for not judging me, just listening to me and accepting me for me. It was scary sometimes hearing my thoughts and feelings out loud but it was made easier having you there with me standing by my side. I have worked with lots of counsellors over the years but this was the first time I felt seen and first time having walk and talk sessions. I have found this so benefitable, I have even recommend a friend to you for them to try walk and talk sessions."

Contact details

To get started with your Counselling Journey contact me either by phone or email 
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